As you all know a 7 year old innocent girl named Zainab Ansari was murdered and brutally raped just over a month ago,it took time but eventually police did manage to arrest the suspect,they had arrested Imran Ali,he admitted to his horrific actions,Pakistani court has now given him a death sentence.

The parents of Zainab said they are satisfied with the punishment of imran ali,however they would have preferred if he was to be hanged publicly,initially alot of people had requested the court to allow this,however the court did not agree to this when he was arrested.

The killer Imran ali admitted to killing 8 other young girls,he admitted to all his disgusting actions he carried out against girls that were all under the age of 10.

“Pakistani court has given Imran four death sentences”.

Zainabs parent spoke to the media after they had been told the decision by the court,the mother of zainab said “Imran deserves to be stoned till death,the father of zainab said,i am greatful to the court,the government ,the investigators who helped catch this murderer,i am happy with the punishment you have given to Imran ali,but at the same time,i would prefer if he was to be hanged publicly,as would majority of the people of pakistan”.


“If he was to be hanged publicly,it will teach others that have similar mentality to imran,it would teach them a lesson”.

comments on social media:

“Speedy trial and quick justice! BRAVO! Zainab’s rapist & murderer sentenced to death 4 times! Hope we can get done with appeals quickly & get this demon hanged!!!”.

“Anyone claiming for openly torturing and openly killing or hanging Zainab’s murderer is only hinting that they are not much different from him. Our humanity, decency and laws are all we have, if we lose them we become animals and no different from the criminal”.