Woman pretended to be a man,and married two woman for dowry


Here is an unusual incident ,which happened just recently in India,Basically a woman pretended to be a man,and then married two woman just so she can take advantage of the dowry.

The con artist Miss Krishna Sen was arrested a few days ago for demanding dowry, which in india is totally ilegal,If a husband,or a relative of a husband demand dowry and ask for more than a woman can afford then that is ilegal in india and can land you in big trouble,it has been ilegal for more than 30 years now.

It was reported by the media that Krishna sen told the police, she wanted to be a boy and live a “man’s life”,by her actions not many people had suspected her to be a woman,because the way she looked and dressed,she even hanged around with guys driving motorbikes,however both of krishna “wives” eventually started to doubt in her being a man,cause through out their relationship she was never intimate with them.

comments on social media:

“What an evil woman,hope she spends many years in prison”

“Incredible !! And his neighbours? His childhood friends?? Really , no one knew this man?? It like he came straight down from another galaxy !!!”

“Just as wrong for her to do it as for a man to do the same thing. But it seems strange that the brides’ parents didn’t check up on the “groom’s” parents or other close relations as would be usual, doesn’t it?”

I’ve heard of people marrying to steal money but not like this!”

For more info watch the below video: