Woman divorces husband who loved her more than his mother


A 29-year-old man from saudi Arabia,had the biggest shock of his life,When The woman who he loved more than anything in this world,had brought him to court ,wanting a divorce,he was heartbroken to Realise his wife wants to divorce him,he stood there in court watching his wife speak as tears flowed from his eyes.

The man was completely heartbroken he could not understand why she wants to divorce him,when they both never had any problems within their marriage,he did not want to divorce her,but she was firm with the decision she made,she wanted to be separated instantly,she was in no way going to change her mind.

The man goes on to saying to his wife, that he does not want to separated as he loves her,he said , “Didn’t I abandon my own family for you?”

Finally the woman revealed the reason she wants to divorce her husband,she said “he  abandoned his own mother and family to be with her. “I can never trust a man who does everything to keep his wife happy while he denies even a small favour to his mother,” she told the judge.

The woman also mentioned that her husband kept her really happy,bought her the most expensive gifts ,took her abroad on holiday,. However,she was put off cause of the fact how he simply just left his family to marry her,he forgot about the mother who raised him.

She goes on to saying,if he can leave his family and even the mother who raised him all of a sudden,then how can i be certain he would not leave me,the way he left his family,

After the saudi woman finished speaking, the judge granted divorce leaving the man heartbroken,they then walked out of the court from separate exits.

“You can get another wife,but u’ll never get your parents back”