Here is an amazing story of a man who dearly loves his neighbors,Ian Treece sent in this story to the media news websites,The purpose of it all ,was he wanted to pay tribute to his asian neighbors and to let the world know we should get to know people from other communities properly before assuming and judging.

Ian Treece has been living in Aspley for more than 33 years,he said During the last 15 years or so when any house was put up for sale on his road, most likely an asian family would buy the house. This would get me feeling alienated and abit worried many years back as i would have been the only white person on the street, however the more I got to know my Asian neighbors the more I started to realise just how friendly, respectful and lovely people they actually are.

Even the children and teenagers are extremely respectful and they are obviously bought up in the absolute correct way that people of my age were years ago. I cannot stress enough the kindness and the interaction of our Newlyn Drive Asian community, and I would not swap any of the families at all, they are all brilliant.

Here are a few examples of what my asian neighbours have been doing for me on a daily basis,they are simply just amazing,I’m a very lucky man, They always bring around birthday cake and goodies whenever one of the family has a birthday party; nice Christmas cards and small gifts are brought around each year. And recently my wife Diane passed away with the dreaded cancer. During the later months of her illness when she was extremely poorly and bed-ridden, lovely trays of Indian/Asian food were cooked and delivered on a daily basis by different families, who I think formed some sort of cooking rota for us.

My wife sadly passed away in November, and not only did all my neighbours attend her funeral, they also come around on a regular basis and sit and have a chat with me to stop me getting lonely, and yet again they make sure that I don’t go hungry.

I have still got some white neighbours who have lived on the road for many years, as well as some black neighbours and Chinese, and I consider myself so lucky to have a wonderful friendly variety of cosmopolitan neighbours.

I would not change where I live even if I won £20m on the lottery, and this I put down to all my fantastic neighbours and friends. If only the whole world could be as nice and friendly as Newlyn Drive it would then be a far better place to live in.

IAN TREECE, Newlyn Drive, Aspley

comments on social media:

“What a beautiful story,truly heart touching”.

“What an amazing man,this just shows we all should be open minded and not ignorant”.

“We need peace in this world,we all are humans and must learn to respect one another,regardless of religion and nationality”.

“The world would be a better place,if we get rid of all hate preachers”.