Umars story-From Fat to Fit


Umar from Ealing changed his life around,he became from fat to fit,there was a time he was over weight because he used to eat way too much,he had a wake up call wen he tried on some clothes and they did not fit,thats when he decided he needs to lose all this excessive weight and make a change.

From then he joined a gym and trained every day he stuck to a diet plan and now he has had amazing results,He’s in perfect shape,has lost over 80kg,and now he has become a personal trainer,helping other to get in the best shape of their lives.

Umars story is surely very motivating ,if he can do it anyone can,just takes time and motivation.

comments on social media:

“It’s not rocket science. Anyone can do it. But people are too lazy. They want instant results with little to no effort.”

“No gear, No photoshop and pure hard work and dedication. Funny how narrow minded some people can be when they don’t think things like this are possible. I should know, He’s my brother! Iv watched him grow and Iv seen him cut. Iv lived with Umar for many weeks at a time. Believe me when I say PURE hard work and dedication consisting of intense training, proper nutrition and rest.”

“Man I remember seeing this guy when i first started training! Such a down to earth individual, always willing to help out where he could!”

“I love the part where he says: eating home cooked food 
 I’m also from an Asian background and I had to badger my mum over a course of several years into using less oil, cutting out ghee, less carbs (rice, rotis, etc) – now, thankfully, our air-fryer is her best friend (and mine too!)”