Tribute to Britain first:Britain first crash into car park barrier


As you all may have heard yesterday britain first’s Paul golding and jayda fransen have both been sent to prison,it was a big shock for people,but they themselves knew their was a high chance they will get sent to prison.

Video shows the moment a britain first Military van drove straight into a car park barrier,due to them travelling at a high speed,when paul gets out of the van,he asks people to stop filming in an aggressive manner,he clearly did not want anyone seeing this,however its too late,this video was uploaded to social media around 2 years,many people will have seen it,its well hilarious.

All hate preachers should be banned from giving speeches,from leading protests,all it does it fuels anger against innocent law abiding citizens,because of britain first,a man stabbed a labour Mp to death just last year,the man was clearly inspired by britain first,he used to attend their protests.

Comments on social media:

“What’s their intention for patrol
Patrol what?
They are not the state police “.

“What a bunch of Muppets lol. How embarrassing for the so called patrol”.

“Why do they drive around in a army type vehicle and wear army type clothing and emblem when they are just a bunch of dodgy racist cowards”.

“Paul golding also teaches self defense,hes one tough guy,you would not wanna mess with him….NOT”.

“How do these guys earn a living,what do they do,do they even have jobs,they clearly take advantage of their followers and ask for money,to be an official britain first member”.