This street school in Karachi is teaching Children free self-defense following recent child abuse incidents


Just few days after 7 year old zainab lost her life,after being brutally raped,It was an incident which made tears flow from the eyes of people from all around the world,Zainab was only 7 year old,she was just an innocent child,her parents were on their way back from performing umrah with plenty of gifts for her,but sadly she wasn’t alive to recieve them gifts.

Its heartbreaking that zainab’s parents will never see their daughter again but without a doubt zainab is in a better place,a place what the mind cant comprehend,a place what is too perfect to imagine,that place is heaven (Jannah)

To prevent incidents like this happening,,a school in Karachi has decided to start giving free self-defense classes to children who are under the age of 16,it is a good idea,cause it will keep vulnerable children off the streets away from danger.

The target of the classes is to teach children self defense and give them the ability and knowledge of how to defend themselves if a similar incident was to take place God Forbid.


The classes are being held under the banner of ‘Zainab memorial self-defense training’ and are held every day from 3 PM – 5 PM at the same footpath school for free.

After the training is over, the school even gives away RS 10 as a reward to children for taking part in the classes along with some food to eat.

Comments on facebook:

“This is a brilliant step to take,it gives kids something to do,it keep them entertained and  away from danger”

“May God protect all the kids from all around the world,and parents please keep an eye on your children at all times”