This Reporter Interviewed The Madrassa Teacher Who Beat A Child To Death


Just a few weeks ago a child lost his life in pakistan,whilst he was at mosque,he was repeatedly hit with an object by his mosque teacher,few mins later the child had fell down to the ground and had passed away instantly.

Apparently the parents of the boy,told the teacher to hit him and teach him a lesson,but this teacher took it way too far and ended up killing him,The teacher most likely did not expect the child to die,but this is what it resulted in,all teachers should now be cautious and think twice before striking a child.

The boy who sadly passed away was only 8 years old his name was Muhammad Hussain from karachi.

However the boys parents have forgiven him,comments on social media:

He is an animal n has no knowledge of The holy Quran and it’s real meaning. He has absolutely no knowledge of Islam. Allah what is happening!!!!!!”

“This man killed an innocent child and he’s not even feeling sorry for that rather he’s saying that bachay ki maut aaisay hi likhi thi.
How come parents and officials have forgiven this man. He and people like him should be punished severely so that they don’t abuse children.
He should be punished the same way he punished the child then we’ll find out if that was a mistake.”

“Child was human , I think government should be involve in this case and arrest parents for child abuse case , that’s was totally unacceptable, if u are parents doesn’t mean u can treat your child like animal or give permission to any one to beat him ,”