This Pakistani Passenger Forced Emergency Landing Because He Was Missing His Wife


You all watch Bollywood love movies,but as we all know the stories are just fictional and not real but this is a love story which actually happened, Without a doubt you will never have heard of a news story like this,,never in history has such an incident occurred,its unusual ,its sad for the victim but hilarious for many who will have come across this story online.

So basically A Pakistani man whilst on a flight to saudi arabia,forced emergency landing,he had told the pilot he needs to get back home,as his wife passed away!!! Awww ain’t that sad,however that was far from the truth,that was not the actual reason he wanted to go back home,it was reported the real reason of him wanting to go home,was because he was missing his wife abundantly whom he married recently……

“Wow what a man !!! Hard to find a man who will love you this much,you dont want to be losing a husband like this,he’s one in a million”

It was reported he was on his way to saudi arabia,as he was offered a new job,whilst on the way he missed his wife so much,that he had no choice but to make an excuse to get the pilot to make a u-turn,He told the air hostess that his wife passed away after she went on to tell the pilot,that is when the pilot made the decision to make a U-turn.

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“Romeo ain’t got sh*t on this guy”

“Wow what a love story,lets hope he still loves his wife this much after few years lol”