This Hindu-Muslim Couple Got Married Without Any Nikkah or Pheray.


When it comes to wedding ceremonies,for a muslim the Nikaah is the most important part of the wedding,according to islam without the Nikaah the marriage is not valid,For those who follow the hindu religion the “Pheray”are really important and they must be done to fulfil the marriage…

However in this case a couple just got married without Nikaah and without the pheray,A muslim boy wanted to marry his hindu girlfriend,both were not willing to change their religions,both of their families would never have agreed so they decided to be together without performing nikaah or doing Pheray.

The story has gone viral over social media,inter caste marriages do majority of the time create tension within the family,but for this family they accepted their children’s choices.

Junaid said after his wedding:

“We were dating for a long time and I never knew this would happen. This is the best day of my life,” a visibly emotional Junaid confessed.

We in No way are promoting inter-caste marriages,we are just sharing a story that has gone viral over social media,and many of you will have seen it come up on your newsfeed on facebook,feel free to comment your opinions.

People shared their views on social media:

“Wow…they r looking unique couple”

“Well than they are not following their religion.”

“Their children will grow up confused”

“Bless them
Congratulations on your union. May you always be happy with each other “

“Then how they tied knot? with dupatta?”

“How is this possible,you have to get married one way or the other”