Stacey Dooley interviews Isis commander who killed over 900 people.


Journalist Stacey Dooley came face to face with an isis commander who killed over 900 people and raped over 200 woman,he claimed the reasons for his horrific actions were due to him being put under pressure by his commander,he said if he did not kill people he would have been killed himself.

He also claims he only joined isis,because he needed money,after this disturbing interview he says “Thankyou for your time,sorry for making you feel uncomfortable.”

A woman who is along side stacey dooley,was an isis prisoner she tells the man to his face,”you will pay for your actions,what goes around,comes around,you will reap, what you sow”

comments on social media:

“he says he did it for money.. & fear of his group.. not for any strongly held religious belief system.. not for any personal, strongly held principles.. but for money & fear of what his associates would do to him if he didn’t comply.. money still seems to be at the root of all evil.. even here.”

“Course she’s not scared of him he’s got armed guards round about them so he makes one move he’s dead  if she was with him alone she would be scared no doubt!
He is still an absolute bam for all the stuff he did and when she said she wasn’t scared of him made me chuckle a wee bit”

“Fair play for a victim of ISIS to confront one of the men involved, that would be hard but when people say, “They’re not afraid”, it’s usually to reassure themselves and a little awkward to watch because you could tell he didn’t care about their feelings.”