Samia Shahid-Murdered for Love will Air on TV BBC2 Tomorrow


A Documentary will air on tv bbc2 tomorrow at 9pm,called Murdered for love,it will focus on the horrific and tragic murder of a young girl from bradford named Samia Shahid.

Samia Shahid was only the age of 28 when she lost her life,she was killed in pakistan,her father and first husband were arrested on suspicion of her murder,but still to this day,even after a year investigations are still on going,both husband and father deny the allegations against them.

Samia got married for the second time to a man,who her family did not approve of,they was not happy with her marrying this man.

Samia’s second husband who she chose to marry believes her father and first husband were behind it all along,speaking to the media he claimed that samia’s relatives told her that her father was really ill,and we’re not sure if he will live longer, so after hearing this samia decided to leave her home of dubai to pakistan to see her father,but little did she know what was yet to come.

Local Bradford MP Naz Shah, wrote to the prime minister of Pakistan and she described it as an honour killing.

Majority of people believe it was an honour killing ,her father dissaproved of her second marriage because the man she married was from another sect known as “Shia”.

It is indeed very sad what happened to samia,no humans deserves to be killed they should be given freedom to make their own decisions,also forced marriage is not from islam,its totally against islam.