Pedophile gets confronted for arranging to meet 15 year old girl in bradford cinema


A pedophile who arranged to meet an underage girl for sexual purposes at cinema in bradford was confronted ,then arrested when the police arrived,the video was filmed live,it last 50mins.

The individual claimed his name was sikander and he only came to england last year and he does not understand english very well,so the pedo hunting team had got a translator to speak to him and explain the consequences in punjabi.

Sikander apologized and asked for forgiveness and wanted to be given a chance to walk free,however that does not happen with hunting groups,they have to report everything to the police and wait for the police to arrive,police arrived after 50mins at the cinema he was waiting to meet an 15 year old girl.

Sikander admitted to everything he was accused for,he claimed he was not aware it is ilegal to have sexual relationships with someone under 16,The sting was done by a hunting group called JUSTICE WILL BE SERVED,it was filmed live just yesterday it has gotten more than 500 shares on facebook and more than 25k views.

All pedophiles get recognized quickly,this is good everyone needs to know who a potential child rapist is,so they can keep their children safe from these people.

Comments on social media:

“Well done guys,u did an amazing job,well done to the translator he also explained really well,and told the pedophile straight up the truth”.

“That translators a legend lol”.

“Well done guys,cant believe this pedophile came to a cinema to meet a 15 year old girl ,what was he thinking”.