An hero police officer risked his own life to save a man from drowning in freezing cold river ,PC Mohammed Nadeem ,saved a man from drowning just last saturday,It was reported a man had fallen into the river,when PC Nadeem witnessed this,he jumped into the river straight away and swam towards him,he managed to grab hold of the man and bring him back to safety.

“The man then was immediately taken to the hospital,where he received treatment,and is now recovering”.

Superintendent Rick Jackson said “I’d like to thank PC Nadeem for his heroic actions,he put his own life at risk by jumping into a freezing river,just to save someone,well done young man you are a credit to the police force”.

comments on social media:

“Well done young man but dont put your safety at too much of a risk, you are worth ten men for your actions and your calling of being a Police Officer. Work hard, stay safe and be transparent and we will continue to support wonderful people like you”.

“Wow, no health and safety audit, just did what he felt was needed. Well done that man, your a credit to your parents, family, and the police force. I hope the man you helped recovers quickly and gets the help he requires to overcome what ever reasons put him there”.

“Well done that man! It’s reassuring that GMP are recruiting the right people for the job, someone with a natural instinct to help people in need. I hope PC Nadeem is rewarded for his bravery”.

“So much love for this brave officer and for all of our brave officers out there!!
Well done PC Nadeem!! You super star x”.