Its been nearly 2 weeks since 7-year old Zainab was kidnapped and brutally murdered and raped,the world was heartbroken to hear this sad news,whats even more sad is the fact ,her parents were at saudi arabia at the time,they had gone to perform umrah,when travelling back from there they was told their daughter had sadly passed away,they had even brought gifts from there for zainab.

People in pakistan protested and demanded justice and now finally the murderer has been caught he is known as Imran,he was living in the same area as zainab (a village named kasur),he was just arrested yesterday he admitted to the crimes he committed and currently is in police custody,Now the world has seen his face,they want him to get hanged publicly.

Imran has also been accused of raping at least 7 more underage girls within 2 years,the public want to see him get hanged publicly,should he get hanged publicly ?

Pakistan is considering bringing back public executions for criminals who rape or kill children under the age of 14, Pakistan media has reported.

Mr Shabaz Sharif has also asked the Lahore High Court to swiftly deliver a verdict on the case and said he’d support capital punishment. “I want Imran Ali to be hanged publicly … I will request the political parties to support my wish,” he said.

The public in Pakistan has demanded the suspect be publicly executed and the Committee of Interior has put forward recommendations to the government on the issue.

Comments via facebook read :”

An example should be made out of Zainab’s murderer,he deserves to get hanged publicly”

“He needs to get hanged,whats wrong with these people”

“Death is too good for scum like this. Keep him alive and torture him everyday for the rest of his natural life!”

“They should be tortured before hanging them they need to feel the pain whilst they alive and know how the victims felt. They were innocent children that they didn’t even know they walking with the shaitan who will kill them”

“Yes definetly ,he should be hanged,and so should all rapists”

“Its the right thing to do he should get hanged,and so should any rapist any where in the world,England needs to start doing it,if they don’t want ,all rapists and paedos should be sent to pakistan so they can get hanged there”

“This should happen in UK too! Why should these evil beings be allowed to live & breathe using taxpayers money to keep them in prison. I’m damn sure the percentage of victims would be a hell of alot lower knowing the punishment. Life for a life!!”