Pakistan has banned valentines day celebrations in Government buildings and they have also warned the media not to promote valentines day in any way, by having Programmes based on it,A court in Islamabad banned valentines day Last year.

The reason for banning valentines day in pakistan is because the court has ruled it as un-Islamic and too western.

The Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (Pemra) said regarding valentines day

“No event shall be held at the official level or at any public place,” Pemra said.

Comments on social media:

“It is the right thing to do,why show more love to your husband/wife on a specific fixed date,when in islam you are meant to be showing love and affection towards your wife/husband every single day,this is beauty of islam,we show love every day not one day of year”

“the history behind it is not rosy at all.”

“It’s all just a money making scheme,just like fathers day and mothers day,you should buy your loved one gifts every day ”

“As a Christian, I agree. Valentines Day is Satanic. God does not care about love. He cares about loyalty.”

“This will save people alot of money LOL ”

“Shame on ihc .it same court who could not give justice to poor little girl and force her parents to pardon the culprit many terrorist ihc has punished ?There are more important cases pending from years in backlog and they are busy on giving decision on less important issues”

“Govt and their systems have distorted priorities .. with senseless and disoriented people sitting at the helm of affairs . What an unfortunate nation”