Paedo Abid hussain comes to meet child claims “he’s abit slow in the head”


This is the moment a pedophile whose real name is Abid hussain is confronted by online pedophile hunters,he used a fake name on the app he was using to talk to children online,when confronted he claimed he was abit slow in the head.

The man had explicit chats with a girl he believed to be the age of 13 years old,the app he was using he wrote clearly on his profile he wants boys and girls the age of 12,13 and 15.

The man repeatedly apologized ,however at this moment he could have potentially raped a child if he was not caught out,so well done to the pedophile hunters who work online and catch these potential rapists and get them put in prison.

The even more shocking thing is he had little brothers and sisters of the same age as the child he was talking to,this man is disgusting and has clearly lost the plot.

people expressed their views on social media

“they’re keeping children safe!! By exposing nonces like this one, people can be more wary of people like him.
Disabilities or no disabilities, he knew exactly what he was doing when he was messaging a kid. A pedophile is a pedophile.”

Many pedophiles have been caught out and put in prison but there are still many more out there, due to the work of online pedophile hunters they do an exceptional job,in their own time,they do not get paid for this,this is for the protection of our kids,to keep kids safe from potential rapists.