News Reporter,Reporting on his own wedding


A news reporter ,reported on his own wedding and he interviewed his wife and in laws,what an hilarious thing to do,you can tell this man clearly loves his job,The mans a legend and had everyone laughing,reporting from your own wedding is definitely something unusual, doubt its ever been done by any news reporter before.

The incident happened in pakistan,a Pakistani man decided it would be hilarious to report his own marriage,it was 100% hilarious,we wish they have a happy and successful marriage,And their marriage lasts forever,lets hope though he does not continue to keep reporting after the wedding ceremony when they go home LOL.

Comments of people on social media:

“Keep updating we are waiting for su*** raat”

“Its’ wonderful, its’ funny, most of all its’ true….unlike most social media these days…..brilliant!!! Khuda aap ki jodi salaamat rakhay, Amen”

“People commenting nagative are the most stupid ignorant and jealous ones. He is just trying be be funny..
Wishing him all the best
Love and best wishes from Afghanistan”

“bhai honey moon ki video upload kerna nae bhoolna stay tuned please”

“Next episode promo be like:
Assalam alaikum viewers!m hu apka anchor jo ab ghulam se km nahi honeymoon episode k sath at Gajumatta with 39 others”

“He is taking his job very serious. He can’t believe he is getting married”

“Lmao this man is hilarious,what a funny thing to do even had his new wife to be laughing ,god bless them,hope they always stay happy and smiling,and for the haters theres no need to hate,hes hilarious”