Motorist is branded a hero by other drivers after blocking speed camera with his open car boot


A man has been called a “hero” and a “legend” after he was seen parked up in front of camera enforcing speed camera van with his car boot open,blocking the camera from catching out those speeding.

The man later that day shared the picture to social media,which then went viral,many people applauded him for his actions where as others mocked him.

The man who is known as Chris Welford said on social media that “People were absolutely loving it,so many drivers went past beeping and waving,you could tell i definitely made their day,they found it hilarious”.

During the incident ,chris said Police officers did not even bother to tell him to move,he said police officers even drove past but still did just chose to ignore him until later that day,he was visited by the police ,they told him he could have got taken to court for harrassment.

“Police Inspector Harry Simpson feels those who have hailed Chris as a hero are those who don’t consider speeding a serious offence”.

comments on social media:

“Hero. And he drives a 5 series BMW .ha ha ha .needs to grow up and go out on a Saturday evening with his local police force in the city center”.

“Alot of people on here saying “its for road safety” and “what he did is wrong” i am sure a camera doesn’t stop people from having accidents, in my opinion they cause accidents. People heavenly braking when they see a speed camera has caused 2 accidents that i have witnessed. All cameras should be static and clearly sign posted”.