Mathira video song with 12 -year old kid causes controversy


You all must have heard of Mathira,shes an beautiful,charming actress from pakistan,she has many fans all around the world,most of them are men who are totally in love with her,they watch her on tv ,when their wives arent at home.

Mathira has appeared in dramas,songs and tv shows,A hilarious incident once occured,Mathira was trying her best to get a reaction on a live tv call,the man she was talking to lost his mind over Mathira,he was totally falling for her,he goes on to saying on live Tv…”Mujhay theray mammay choosnay haiin lol”

That video is on youtube,be sure to watch it to have a laugh,its hilarious,Mathira once appeared in a song video with a 12 year old video,The song was called “Jhoota” in this song the 12 year old kid praises mathira in every way possible,the lyrics are well catchy too,however some people objected to the type of dancing and clothes mathira was wearing.

comments via social media:

“his is a bad level to what Pakistani songs are going to. I expect respect. And using a kid to show these kind of videos, promotes this in the young generation. I’m scared for Pakistan’s future.”
“Didn’t know that Pakistan young people is like this until I saw this video. Cheers!”
“bhai ye bacha kisne chod diyaa floor pe”
“i want you, you want me. oh baby. he is a baby and calling his mother a baby. WTF. what are his parents doing???? pir kehte hai bacha khatt se nikal gya”
Feel free to share your opinions on this video guys…