Man With Stinky Feet Killed All the Fish in Fish Spa


A very unusual incident happened around 2 weeks ago in china,what many of you will find hilarious,but for the victim of it,he was just totally shocked,so what happened was a 25 yea old man decided to visit a Fish Spa,as soon as it was his time for the fish spa session,when he put his feet in,he ended up killing all the fish,minutes later he was told the fish only died cause of his stinky feet.

Fish spa is a treatment when you put your feet in a tank full with warm water and fish, the treatment is to remove all the hardened skin on your feet,it is very common all around the world.

After the fishes were discovered dead,the fish spa manager came and approached Wong and was shocked that all the fish had died,he first told Wong you need to pay for all the fish you killed,Wong said all i did was put my feet in and the fish died,i did not do anything intentionally.

Wong was told the fish died cause of his smelly feet,Wong went on to explaining that he has been working for 10 years and does overtime every single week,and he did not have much time to wash his feet,so last time he washed his feet was 10 years ago…Wong apologized and the manager then accepted his apology,but Wong has now learnt a lesson to always wash his feet…..

He went on to saying “No matter how busy i am with work,from now on i will always wash my feet every day,and the next time i want to go to a fish spa,i will get my girlfriend to smell my feet,so i know its safe for me and the fish ofcourse”