Man throws shoe at Nawaz Sharif,gets beaten up


Many people welcomed Nawaz shareef and showed him respect,and were pleased to see him,one man from the crowd however showed anger and decided to throw a show at nawaz shareef aiming for his face,he was close to hitting him on the face but he missed,and the shoe hit the microphone,the man was then wrestled down to the ground by nawaz shareef supporters.

This was not the first time a president or prime minister had a shoe hurled at him,President george bush also had a shoe hurled at him ,the man who did it was jailed for 2 years.


comments on social media:

“This is ridiculous. One should not waste an expensive shoe by throwing on that face. Juty ki b izat hoti ha yr”.

“oh beating the person who throws shoes is okay but throwing shoe on the one who looted the country isn’t? WOW hypocrite nation”.

“It’s very bad thing…can’t expect from a educated nation….It’s their personality what they are…But what’s you showing, such a illiterate behaviour”.

“Although I don’t endorse the act, and believe it to be a wrong trend in making, but it is such an irony in terms of how he reacted to it. Nawaz Sharif, who till few days back, was making fun of how another leader of another party got scared by a tiny blast of a speaker or something, and would mimic his reaction in his rallies to gain laughter and applause and basically to score tiny points over that leader, got scared and reacted to this shameful act pretty much the same way today”.