Man Pretends to be Romanian on UK Border Force


This scene was taken from the TV programme uk border force,it shows a man whose nationality is still unknown ,pretending to be romanian,he was arrested after he failed to speak romanian language,he was accused of entering england ilegally.

The man claims his name is marion,but he cannot speak a single word of romanian,when the police get a translator on the phone to speak to him,he pretends to speak romanian language but in fact he just makes noises and does not actually say a word,that is the moment he is arrested,he is given many chances to speak the truth,however he continues to try his best by lying his way out.

comments on social media:

“Im romanian and this was absolutely hilarious ”

“What has the world come to when a human has to pretend to be from a certain area just to be able to live in a different country and live a better life.”

“SY actualy the problem is he tried to get in with fake documents. No matter where you may come from in a foreign country, all you have to do is speak the language at least at a basic level, and be eligible to do so. If you’re not, simply don’t go there. I think he’s Pakistani. There are many in the uk and they’re allowed to live there so he shouldn’t have done that”

“Human cruelty. Torturing a man like this, laughing at him when he is doing everything he can to survive. When you would have done exactly the same thing if you were born to the same world. The inability of some people to put themselves in other peoples shoes and feel the pain that they feel when been tortured like this.”