A man has now been jailed for 40 years for raping and murdering his own niece,This sick individual known as Mujahid Arshid,raped his 20 year old niece,then murdered her by slitting her throat,he then went on to dumping her body in a freezer.

Mujahid arshid had kidnapped his niece along with his niece’s friend,he raped them both repeatedly,and slit both of their throats,tragically his 20 year old niece Celine lost her life,but her friend managed to survive,even though he tried his best to kill her aswell.

Mujahid arshid had planned his sick actions in advance ,he had been searching online,what temperatures does the human body freeze at.

When police arrived after Celine passed away,he was arrested and tried to blame the murder of celine ,on her friend,he went on to denying the allegations even at court before the judge,however all his allegations against the surviving victim were instantly rejected.

“Arshid, of Mitcham, was convicted of murder, attempted murder, two counts of rape, two of kidnap, sexual assault and assault by penetration.”

May Allah azzawajjal have mercy on the victim,and may Allah Azzawajjal forgive her for her sins and grant her paradise ,Ameen!

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“This is the worst one I’ve heard of so far.. sickening. Even though her friend begged him and said she wouldn’t say a word, he still refused to show any mercy. Completely ruthless, barbaric caveman.”

“She was a class mate of my little brother. Absolutely devastating.”

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