Man confronts taxi driver with young girl in his backseat,crying her eyes out, in middle of nowhere


Video shows a man confronting a taxi driver for driving a young girl to a dead end,in middle of nowhere,with the girl crying her eyes out in the back seat,the taxi driver was seen by the man in the back seat with the girl Aswell,without a doubt the taxi driver had bad intentions,at that time he was not even signed on to his taxi radio,meaning he was not available for bookings,but still he was with the young girl in his car.

The man continued to deny all accusations ,repeatedly trying to lie his way out,but it was evident what his intentions were,he was working for a company called Boro Taxis.

The incident happened last year,Taxi drivers such as this individual give other hard working taxi drivers a bad name,majority of the taxi drivers do an amazing job,they are out there to earn money and support their families,but an odd few sometimes try to take advantage of customers.

Comments on social media :

“Thank god this man came along. Imagine what state that young girl would be in now.”

“these are the kind of drivers that give us a bad name. disgusting taking advantage of vulnerable passengers. hope he loses his licence. unprofessional”

“He should be ashamed. As far as the racism in the thread please guys come on, it’s not about colour, its about humanity, owing a duty to take reasonable care of thy neighbour, regardless of skin colour, age, gender, religious or political standings. It’s not Boro taxis fault, neither are the Asian or Muslim community to blame. We don’t blame the white race or Christian religion for the millions of rapists imprisoned around the world. Did we blame the country or church of England for the acts of Jimmy Saville?”