Maidstone woman convicted of biting Muslim taxi driver after Manchester attack


Frankie Jo Schock who is 31 years of age,was found guilty for racially aggravated assault,and will be sentenced on march 13th.

A 31 year old woman from Kent, was found guilty for biting a muslim taxi driver,Frankie had turned aggressive towards the muslim taxi driver,whilst questioning him about his religion,and Manchester Arena attack.

Frankie was travelling in a taxi ,she began to mention the horrific Manchester arena attack to the muslim taxi driver,she then asked him if you Are you a good muslim or a bad muslim?,seconds later she turned aggressive and began to bite him.

Frankie called her boyfriend at that time who was, Sam Wood,Sam had assisted her with the assault,he had come rushing towards the taxi driver and then started to repeatedly punch the taxi driver across the face.

When questioned at the police station,Frankie denied all accusations and mentioned that all she remembers was discussing the Manchester Arena attack with the taxi driver.

Sam Wood admitted that he had assaulted the taxi driver,however he was not found guilty of racially aggravated assault. He was bailed for a probation hearing.

comments on social media:

“She must have dog in her DNA”.

“But was he halal”.

“Omg what an disgusting woman,she asks for a taxi and then assaults the taxi driver,how ungrateful,hope she gets punished,she deserves to get sent to prison,that will teach her a lesson,and those who think like her”.

“Its a sad world we live in,people need to wake up,we are all humans,we bleed the same,skin colour does not make us different”.