Katie Hopkins collapses after ‘taking ketamine’ in South Africa


Katie Hopkins collapsed in south africa after taking ‘Ketamine’ she had suffered a shoulder dislocation and then was given ketamine,she posted on twitter regarding the incident.

“Thank you David. I suffered a dislocated shoulder – and received ketamine from the ambulance crew. A bill for emergency & healthcare services paid gratefully and in full.”

A photo of her lying face flat on the floor has made headlines across social media and news websites.

Katie Hopkins is hated by many people because of her opinions and views .

comments on social media:

“Im seeing a lot of distasteful comments here about how people wish she makes a full recovery”

“I thought ketamine was for horses not dogs?”

“Ketamine is a horse tranquilliser. Katie Hopkins is a horse. Ketamine done exactly what it was supposed to do. Why is this news?”

“It’s called Karma, she is getting ripped apart on here for her opinions, I don’t believe that she is actually a human being. She deserves everything she gets.”

“She’s spend her life spitting out vile unpleasant spiteful in fact hate filled comments ,so its hardly a suprise that this link is full of people wishing her ill.”

“Her own fault, I have no sympathy for her. I don’t like her & if she’s stupid enough to take drugs which are not for humans & known to be dangerous if taken then she has to face consequences.”

“Ketamine is also administered for pain relief. Chances are that’s why she was given it and is being cryptic cos she’s an attention seeking wh*re”