Kamran Iqbal from Bradford beat up police officer, to stop him being searched


23-Year old Kamran Iqbal from bradford brutally attacked a police officer, leaving the officer seriously injured,just as he was about to be searched for drugs.

PC Steve was alone when he spotted Kamran Iqbal’s car on a street in bradford in the BD1 area ,as the officer got closer to the car he could smell cannabis,That is when the officer decided to search kamran Iqbal for drugs,Kamran was then found to have drugs hidden in his underpants.

PC Steve then attempted to handcuff him he managed to get one hand put in hand cuffs,but the other hand was free,Kamran used that hand to repeatedly punch the officer down to the ground whilst trying to escape,Kamran wanted to cause serious harm to the officer,The officer had suffered a broken nose and also had teeth knocked out.

Local residents watched the police officer getting viciously attacked,they formed a crowd and watched it all along from begin till end,it was only stopped when a lorry driver who was driving past pulled over,and assisted the officer in detaining Kamran until more police officers arrived.

“Had it not been for the truck driver,Kamran would have fled from the scene”

Kamran Iqbal told in court that he had only struck out at PC Avinou in self-defence as he had left him “panicking” and struggling to breathe and that he had twisted his arm which hurt his wrist.

Kamran Iqbal was found guilty and jailed for for two years at Bradford Crown Court.

comments on social media:

“Wow no one helped the officer and just watched all along apart from one man ,that is appalling”

“Well done to the truck driver who intervened”