Jinn interupts Veena Malik show


Jinn’s are like humans they do what humans do,they eat,drink sleep get married ,follow different religions,only difference is they can see us,but we cannot see them,jinns have existed from the beginning of time,Allah Azzawajjal speaks about the jinn in the Quran,Jinns have the same purpose as humans,to worship Allah alone ,but just like humans have free will,jinns also have free will,they are free to make whatever decision they want.

Jinns are mentioned in the quran numerous times,so believing in the existence of jinn is important for a muslim,by denying the existence of jinn you are denying the verses of quran.

There are good jinns and bad jinns,jinns live their own lives they are not really interested in humans,so they should be left alone,searching for them trying to make contact with them can put you in serious trouble.

Now regarding this specific incident,So basically On a live programme called Veena malik show a woman called in all of a sudden her voice started to change whilst screaming,Host Veena malik was shocked and started to panick,bare in mind this was on live tv,some people believe this was real,but some people believe it was just staged to get more viewers,however regardless it was very entertaining to watch.

comments on social media:

“Omg thats so scary ,now i wont be able to fall asleep”

“Lmao thats deffo fake”

“Omg my hearts pounding after watching this,poor veena malik if i was host on that show i would have ran out of the building right there and then”