How Muhammad Ali Honored Our Prophets Name


Muhammed Ali was not just a great boxer,he was an ambassador for humanity,he was a  role model and idol too many people,he showed people the beauty of islam through his actions,he was humble and grateful to god for his success,He was recognized worldwide.

Muhammad Ali was once offered a star with his name on “Hollywood Walk of Fame” but he refused and said: “I bear the name of our Beloved Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him), but i can never allow the name Muhammed to be put on the floor, and then allow people to walk over that name,Muhammed ali out of respect and honour for the prophet Muhammed sallalahu alahi wa sallam refused to have the name Muhammed on the floor.

Muhammed Ali was then allowed to have his name on the side of a wall in a high place where no one can walk over it or trample over it…..apart from Muhammed ali ,all other famous celebrities had their name put on the floor.

Muhammed Ali through out his whole life praised Allah Azzawajjal and promoted islam with his actions and character.

comments on social media:

“Such a role model! May Allah have mercy on him.”

“Muhammad”, it means in English worthy of praises. Worthy of praises indeed when Allah swt bestowed upon this man all praises he could get from the people; the greatest, the prettiest, the fastest, the wittiest, the smartest, the most humble with children, the most loving..etc.”

“he was the man whose heart was full of love for his ALLAH and Prophet Muhammad sallalahu alahi wa sallam”