Homeless man who was given home and job at metroflex gym,arrested for stealing


Sadly , we are writing this post with a heavy heart . We were burgled at 12.58 am Sunday Morning, unfortunatly the person who stole from the gym was Max, Robert Maxwell or max was the homeless guy who we took in, Waqar Salim who made such an effort, over 1200 pounds was spent on max, clothes, food, housing, we arranged rehab and paid for his accomadation

We are gutted, recently he was also trying to rob someones house, we apologise unreservedly if people have given him money and support as he let himself and everyone else down

He has been arrested and stole considerable things from the gym and clinic at a considerable financial loss, we will not be engaging any more homeless projects, the ones who are good luck

We bent over backwards for him as did gym members , picking him up, collecting him, taking him rehab etc, Waqar did the most, we trusted him and he shit on us

Even telling the police we assaulted him

Those who know us know we have been involved in projects for many years and charity events from Turkey, Sudan, Somalia, Afghanistan, Syria, Bangladesh as well local projects such as Cancer wards, children safety, hospice, those who think we did it for publicity, shAme on you

We are not even exposing him and thats not the intention, its really as a warning for many of our friends who have helped him

Very very sad day,

But good news we are planning the biggest event in Brum ever where records will be broken and all funds are for vulnerable children and sexually abused children

Sorry everyone and thanks Duncan for all your support and everyone else, we really could not have done more

From Team Metroflex