Grieving father questions why 24-year-old wife died post-childbirth at hospital


24 year old Ayesha Riaz sadly lost her life just 3 days after giving birth to a baby boy,her husband ahmad saleem described her as beautiful,and he said”i could never find anyone like her in this world,my whole life has been taken away from me”.

He lost his wife due to a deadly infection known as streptoccus infection,The husband of ayesha,Ahmad saleem spoke to the media and shared his heartbreaking story,he goes on to saying

“I look at my son and it’s hard because he doesn’t know what he missed. We just started out life, never could’ve expected to do this on my own… I hold him, love him, I play around with him, but it hurts me every second”.

May Allah Azzawajjal forgive Ayesha for her sins,May Allah Azzawajjal grant her paradise,May Allah Azzawajjal make her life in the grave easy for her,May Allah Azzawajjal gave patients to her family ,May Allah Azzawajjal grant the baby boy a long and healthy life,free from illness and diseases.AMEEN !!

comment on social media:

“This is really sad to see a beautiful young family in this pain, a child to grow up without his mother, can we not visit patients when we feel we have cold or anything which could be harmful for sick people.And secondly can we all not talk about death or sickness of others in front of sick person,can we please not talk loudly & gossip, can we please keep our visit very very short one instead of having discussions on all sorts of topics, we can do it another time”.