Gang jailed for stealing £20,000 worth of Jammie Dodgers


Surely everyone loves biscuits,without biscuits drinking tea is just not as good,but no one loves biscuits like these guys,A gang of five men were sent to prison after they had been caught red handed stealing a truck containing £20,000-worth of Jammie dodger biscuits.

Shoplifters are everywhere,you get the odd few people at stores,stealing biscuits,a box of tea bags,but these guys are on a whole another level,they stole a truck of jammie dodgers that were worth up to £20,000.

This has to be the one of the most unusual cases out there,never in history has such an incident occurred,these guys are hardcore Jammie dodger biscuit addicts.

The men were handed  jail terms of between 16 and 44 months.


Gang leader Anthony Edgerton(he was the man ,the mastermind behind it all) was jailed for 4 years in prison,The rest of the men were given just under 2 years.

After hearing his sentence told the judge: “Sweet, thanks your honour, that’ll be lovely.”

As they were led from the dock one of the defendants could be heard saying: “Does anyone want a biscuit?”

comments on social media:

“Just how much weed did they have to smoke before stealing a 40ft trailer full of cheap biscuits sounded like a good idea, major case of the munchies! Goes to show that sometimes a 3am trip to the 24 hour garage just isn’t enough!”

“Think yourselves lucky, they where originally going for the Rich-tea n could’nt find them so the jammy dodgers were actually their second choice, could have been disastrous!”

“looks like they got themselves into a sticky situation. Dodgy Jammie Dodgers”