According to islam men can only read behind an imam who is male with jamaat(congregational prayer),Females can read behind females,the only time male and female can mix for prayer is if they are all family members,but even then a male cannot read behind a female.

There are rules and laws of prayer which were taught by prophet Muhammed sallalahu alahi wa sallam,these rules must be followed to make the prayer valid,there is a reason for every rule.

A very strange incident is making headlines over social media,a woman from India has become an imam and she recently lead the jummah prayer which is every friday, with men reading behind her.

The female imam’s name is Jamida,she is 34 years of age from the area of Kerala from india.

Many people are against her decision of leading the prayers,however some people have took it to the extreme level by threatening her.,but even then she says she will continue to lead the prayers.

Comments on social media:

“The idiots that read behind her are more at fault”

“Against Shariah…so there is no debate”

“Don’t these men know that their prayer is invalid? And as for the women, she is more deluded then those men choosing to stand behind her in prayer. Women aren’t allowed to stand in the same row as the men so how can she think it’s permissible to stand in front of them….”

“Totally wrong, not accepted by Islam at all , shape or form. They are all wrong men and women should seek help from well informed Muslims and discard this version quickly. All Muslims should help and guide them instead of just publicising it. May Allah guide them on the deen of Islam”