Father and husband caught trying to meet 14 year old child


This video shows the moment a 41 year old man turns up to meet a child who he believes is 14 years old,The man is married and father of two children,He is then questioned by the Pedo hunting group called Godiva Hunters.

When confronted the man is in complete shock he claims his blood pressure is low,as he lays on the ground,he is then offered water while he is questioned.

comments on social media:

“Top sting! Spoke to him in like a human, and not a foreigner… well done team, hunters should continue to silence the racists.”

“Well done to the man who kept his cool and dealt with the situation in a professional manner.not only was he polite, his communication skills were excellent and some whqt got through to that fellow.other hunters out there should take heed and learn from this chap.nothing but respect.”

“These people who confront this kind of debauchery are great! We need more people like this as the police are very ineffective in small scale cases (and even in big cases). Their approach is very effective too. I’ve seen too many videos online of cameramen etc, being too aggressive and ineffective. If you can ask the perpetrators questions that can lead to evidence in an effective manner then it’s a job well done.”

“What good does this do? Why don’t you guys give him a snack? or rub his belly so he’ll feel better? Too much talk.”

“He didn’t try to run you over, if you jump in front of a moving vehicle you will get knocked out”