Farmer from india puts up sunny leone’s poster to protect crops from Evil Eye/Nazar


A farmer from india came up with an usual idea,he decided to put up a poster of Actress sunny leone in his farm,the reason for this is he believed it will ward off evil eye from villagers,if villagers were to look at his crops,they will see sunny leone’s poster first and wont even pay attention to the crops.

Evil eye known also as nazar is when someone looks at something with bad intention,for example someone could praise your new car,but from inside they will be feeling really jealous,just by that individual looking and thinking with bad intentions it could cause you alot of harm.

sometimes evil eye/nazar can be done unintentional for example if someone praises your car,then all of a sudden later that day you have a crash.

The man goes on to saying “This idea is working brilliantly so far, The picture of Sunny Leone is attracting the villagers,and is diverting people from staring at my field.”

comments on social media regarding the farmers idea:

“Wow..What a sensational news…This media gonna crazy. Hope this news help for future UPSC aspirants…”

“This photo can save the agricultural land only from the evil eyes of the men but what about the women evil eyes”

“Women don’t book at an another beautiful women….You know….So no women will look at the poster.not even turn her face towards field. So quite the opposite will happen here.”

“I suppose now everyone has eye on his field.. god help this man,now everyone knows about his crops”