Fake Peer haq badshah exposed


For thousands of years this has been happening,certain people just come out and claim to be wali/peer(friend of Allah-Close to Allah),they do this as a business to make money and to take advantage of people,and to gain respect,they want the fame and money,its still happens in this day and age,However a real peer ,gives and doesn’t take,a real peer does not claim to be a wali,a real peer would never try in anyway to promote hiself.

This specific peer Haq badshah sarkar from pakistan ,in uk known as peer chuff chuff has a huge following,and it just keeps expanding,the man claims himself to be a wali,and tells everyone himself about the miracles he’s performed,that is clearly a sign hes fake and dodgy,many people are brainwashed by this individual he claims he has the power to cure people from all illnesses.

He once also mentioned in a interview that “he never sleeps” a real pious person would never promote himself like peer chuff chuff does.

After every event this man attends he blows repeatedly,and his follower believe that blow cures their illnesses,they are told to put their hands on their head when he is blowing,many scholars have come out and spoke out against this individual as he is clearly creating Fitna,and innocent people are falling for it.

These days people even claim to be imam mahdi,and them people always have other people falling for it,the reason for this is not having enough knowledge of islam,knowledge is the key,knowledge will save you from fitna.Below are 2 videos please watch them both