Ex-Edl member exposes Tommy Robinson


An Ex Edl member spoke out against Edl leader Tommy Robinson,Ivan Humble explains how tommy radicalised him and turned him against a religion he goes on to saying”We used to cherry pick verses from the quran,we never used to pick out the verse before that particular verse and the verse after,as the verse after and before would have explained it more.

Edl members and britain first members seem to be brainwashed,day and night they spread hate against innocent muslims,these hate preachers should be banned they are spreading hatred.

Ivan humble said:

“I now have opened my eyes, you cannot single blame a  particular group for the actions of a few”

“There are good people and bad people in the world, whether they are left or right wing, white or black.

“I was misguided back then,i regret my past,buts its now time to make a change and spread Positivity rather than hate, I am not a bad person ,i am trying to change my life around ”

He goes on to saying: “The EDL took over my life. I used to spend more time with edl members and at protests rather than my own kids,I used to go to protests regularly instead of spending time with my kids,but i never realised at that time,i was so blinded”

“But now my kids are really proud of me since i left the EDL ,i spend more time with them,they are happy for me for the decision i made”

Share this video to educate people,Britain first and edl are simply against all muslims.