Two men jailed for scamming 92 year old woman


Two men have been jailed for repeatedly taking advantage of an elderly woman aged 92,Irfan butt and Zohaib Khalid both scammed an elderly woman,At first the pair had rang the old woman and claimed they were detectives,they told her ,that her bank account is being targeted by a group of ,and she must immediately withdraw all of her money from her bank account,and hand it over to “Officer Zohaib” who will come and collect it.


Irfan told the woman to hand over £8,000 to zohaib khalid who will come collect it from her house,as zohaib came to collect the money off the woman,little did he know she had already informed the police,police was already there waiting for his arrival.

After Zohaib Khalid was arrested,it did not take long for the police to track down irfan,he was then also arrested at his house,The pair was both jailed a total of 8 years,Irfan recieved 4 years in prison,and khalid recieved 3 years in prison.

“Had the elderly woman not informed the police,they would have continued to take advantage of her,and they would of moved on to scamming even more people.”



Detective Constable Richard Taberner said: “These types of offences are truly despicable: offenders target elderly victims and exploit their vulnerabilities to trick them into handing over money.

comments on social media:

“Taking advantage of a 90 year old, proper gangsters, whats next on the list, stealing candy from kids.”

“Well done to the 92 year old woman,if she did not inform the police they would have took advantage of more people”.

“Well done,thank god these low lives have been caught.”