Cutting hair with fire becoming more popular around the world


Cutting hair with fire is becoming a trend,its getting more popular around the world,more and more hairdressers are starting to use this technique,we don’t know who was the first to start using this technique,however this trend is growing rapidly,barbers from india and pakistan and other middle eastern countries are mostly using this.

apparently this technique is meant to be beneficial for the hair,its meant to get rid of split ends,however it still does look dangerous and there’s always a possibility of things going wrong,but so far nothing bad has happened by the use of this technique.

People have mixed opinions regarding this,some hairdressers say it damages the hair,makes it weaker,but the other say it is good for the hair it gets rid of split ends.

people shared their opinions on social media:

“This is The most dangerous and stupidest thing Ive ever heard of or seen ! This explains why their hair looks like crap all the time ????”

“I don’t think the fire is doing anything to the hair since it’s sitting at the bottom of the flame. Also who would want a haircut that comes with the smell of burnt protein and ash all over the shoulder?”

“The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits.”

“he had no skills using scissors so he just burned their fkg hair, pretty stupid, when did this become more interesting than using scissors ”

“Looks well cool,but wont be so cool when someone has to go to hospital after suffering burns to the head”