CCTV FOOTAGE:22 year old man arrested after stealing Iphone off 12 year old girl


Video shows the shocking moment a man snatches an iphone off a 12 year old girl in daylight hours on a street in derbyshire,The video was captured on cctv,and police have urged anyone who has info on this incident,or if anyone recognizes the criminal to come forward and report it to police,so he can be punished for his horrific crime.

The victim was really brave as she did not hand her phone to the suspect straight away ,he continued to try his best to snatch it off her,he failed at first,but after 3-4 attempts he managed to get the phone.


Here is a description of the suspect,believed to be a teenager aged from 16-19,average height ,said to have a ‘European accent’. His hair is described as black and being in a V-shape at the back, shaved at the sides and longer on top.

UPDATE:The man has been arrested,he is 22 years of age,and will be interviewed by the police as soon as possible.

People have come forward and offered to buy the 12 year old girl a new phone,One individual Paula Wright raised more than £1,300 for a phone through an online fundraising page for the 12 year old.

comments on social media:

“You should be ashamed of yourself how dare you blame the victim. Why shouldn’t she have a phone? She can keep in touch with her parents, when. She’s travelling to/from school. She shouldn’t have to justify having a phone. You are so ignorant.
This scum who did this to her needs to be caught .and all you are saying ‘should she have a phone?’ You disgust me.”

“wow she put up a really good fight! Now if only she had some martial arts training, the fight would have been in her favor. That man is despicable, trash, garbage, not human to do this!”