Canadian woman came all the way to Pakistan to Marry her Facebook friend


This is simply just beautiful,what an amazing story this is,this deserves to be shared so keep sharing guys and let everyone know the true side of pakistan.

A woman who originally lived in canada,decided to travel all the way to Pakistan to marry a man she had known for almost a year,she met a pakistani man on facebook,Agnetha and Qaiser Abbas got to know each other on facebook and have kept in touch even after a year,after 1 year of being close friends,their friendship it led to something even more,they finally became husband and wife.

Qaiser Abbas said , “I proposed to her and asked her to marry me in Pakistan. She agreed to my proposal, converted to Islam and we married each other.”

Agnetha also revealed she had changed her name to Aisha she stated. “I am happy to come to Pakistan and extremely overwhelmed by the warm welcome I received from everyone. All that Qaiser had previously shared with me about Pakistan’s culture and its people proved to be absolutely true,” she said.

People said via facebook:

“Ma sha allah what a beautiful couple,May allah give them happiness and lets wish their marriage lasts a life time”

“Wow this is amazing hope they stay happy”

“Best news i heard all week,god bless them,pakistan is truly beautiful and the people there ,they are just really nice,”

This story has gone viral over social media and it shows a positive side to pakistan,a positive side that the whole world should know about.