Britain First’s Jayda Fransen blamed for baby’s death


A woman has spoke out and blamed Jayda Fransen for the death of her baby girl,The incident happened in kent, Jayda had began banging on a door of a property, where she believed a man who is on trial for rape lived,however at that time the convicted rapist Tamin Rahmani was not in that home, kelly was alone with her son,Kelly mentioned the incident had affected her son deeply,she said “My son gets really scared when someone knocks on my door all cause of aggressive Jayda Fransen”.

Jayda had been shouting through the letter box aggressively whilst banging on the door,Kelly and her son were horrified.

Kelly best goes on to saying”I was pregnant at the time it happened, two days after I started to bleed heavily and i lost my daughter, she was stillborn.

“I blame Jayda Fransen because there was no other reason for it to happen.”

“She was making racist remarks: ‘Dirty Muslim rapist, come out, we’re not going to leave until you’re gone, come out. Dirty scumbags’.

“It was directed at Tamin because she thought he was in there but he wasn’t.

comments on social media:

“I knew they harassed innocents but it’s even worse than I thought. What evil person screams at a mum and young children???”

“Don’t they claim to follow Mary and Jesus? Didn’t Mary wear a hijab? Don’t understand why they hate women who choose to cover  obviously don’t really give a crap about religion and are using Christianity as a front”.

“She deserves five years just for that. What a horrible woman”