Britain First leaders are both jailed:Police release mugshot photos


As you all know Britain first leaders Jayda and Paul were both jailed on wednesday.They were sent to prison because they were found guilty of religiously aggravated harassment after they branded Muslims as paedophiles and rapists,just yesterday Police released mugshots of them in prison, the police force believed it would be of public interest.

Paul golding has been sent to prison for 18 weeks where as jayda was sent to prison for 36 weeks.

comments on social media:

“They almost sabotaged a trial and try to undermine the rule of law by being vigilantes and they targeted innocent people in the process .
No one is barred from being subject to the rule of law.
Well done to the court , they are no better then the extremists they always go on about.
2 sides of the same coin”.

“People like this and farage are far more dangerous than people realise the mentaly ill and vulnerable pick up on their speeches and cling to them like a religion for comfort, hating other’s release’s endorphins and can make you feel better about yourself”.

“Don’t worry they are facing trail in NI as well, a much more serious charge! Stiring up sectarian hatred in NI is taken seriously!”.

“The same britian first who used lee Rigby in there campaigns despite his mum asking them not to. Every race and religion has donuts in it. These people just cause trouble”.

“She has the most wicked eyes I’ve ever seen on a woman, full and hate and control”.

“Can you believe I’m the same age as Golding? He looks like my Dad”.