A 59 year old man from bradford was reported to HRMC by one of the clients he took advantage of,Mohammed Khalil was helping people claim benefits but he would take out a cut from it,He had more than 300 clients, he took a cut from all of them,He would even drive his clients to the cash machine, so he can get his cut from them for helping them out.

Mohammed Khalil fraudulently claimed more than £34,000 within 4 years.In  2013 he was fit enough to work,but he chose to continue to claim employment support benefits til april 2017,He claimed he has no money coming in from elsewhere,and he relies on the benefits,so he can support himself.

On top of claiming benefits for his self ,he was making money from advising other people how to claim benefits,it is reported he had more than 350 clients and he would ring on their behalf.

“A woman paid Khalil £1,800 for helping her in claiming benefits. ”

“Another client claims Khalil asked for 25% of the amount he would receive. ”

He was arrested in april last year after one of clients reported him to HRMC.

Mohammed Khalil pleaded guilty to fraud before his trial.

“You claimed you was helping out family and friends but in fact,you was making money of the people you was speaking on behalf of,You were to some extent, exploiting vulnerability”.

“you claimed you can’t even get out of your house,but you was clearly seen driving your clients to cash machines on cctv”.

“He suspended a 12-month jail term for a year, and imposed a six-month curfew. A Proceeds of Crime Act hearing to reclaim the money will take place in July.”