Armed Police called after farmer spots a Tiger which actually is A Cuddly Toy


Tigers are one of the most beautiful animals in the world,however they are really dangerous and not to be messed around with,you wont really find any tigers roaming around in england or scotland unless theyre in a zoo,but this farmer from Scotland thought he had spotted a real tiger on his farm.

The farmer had many cows on his farm,so he was concerned for their safety,thats when he decided to call armed police,When armed police arrived as soon as they saw the tiger they believed it was 100% a real tiger,in the dark it made it look more realistic,after more police officers arrive to face the tiger,it had been an hour and the tiger did not move at all,it was as still as a statue,that’s when the police officers realised it was in fact a cuddly toy tiger and not a real one.

The tiger did look real though anyone would have fell for it,after an hour there was no sign of the tiger moving,neither did it growl the police was shocked to find out it was fake,they was well relieved too….

The farmer said :”I feel a bit silly for calling the police but I thought it was a real emergency. We’re laughing about it now but it was very scary at the time.”


comments on social media:

My boyfriend was bringing me a similar-looking tiger and also managed to get the police involved. He was on the highway and had positioned the toy to look out the back window. Cop pulls him over and slowly approaches the car—hand on weapon, slight crouch, totally focused, etc. Boyfriend is a little concerned (and a little clueless). Cop stands 5 feet away and just stares. Blinks. Stares some more.
Boyfriend realizes the problem the same time Cop figures out it’s a toy. Much laughter and apologies on both sides. And the toy spent the rest of the trip with her head tucked under the window and a coat over her.