Amy Jackson: The girl from Liverpool who’s become the new queen of Bollywood


Meet Amy jackson a british girl from liverpool ,who may not be that famous in uk,but she is a huge star in india,As soon as she steps foot in india,everyone knows her,she has gained popularity and recognition over the past few years,In india she is a huge star who has worked with bollwood actors who have been in the film industry for 30+ years.

Amy’s bollywood journey began when she was only 16 years old,she won a competition called Miss teen world,After winning this competition an indian film director got in touch with her and asked her if she would like to play a role in a movie,after discussing with her she had agreed and she started rehearsing for her first movie,after her first movie ,it lead to filming a second movie,and from there,she has just continued to film more and more movies,she currently has starred in over 20 movies.

She has gained many fans around the world,especially men,many men have totally fell in love with her,they believe she is the perfect woman,she stands out,they have described her as the queen of bollywood,also many men were relieved to find out she is still single LOL.

comments on social media:

“i like u Amy Jackson, ur so sweet, ur beautiful, ur best in Tamil film industry”.

“Wow she is simply just beautiful,love watching films with her in it,she stands out she is naturally beautiful”.

“I love you amy jackson,i would love to meet you one day in person,you are an amazing woman,and a brilliant actor,well done and good luck with the rest of your movies.”