Amir khan spills water on opponent after he makes comments about his wife


As you all know amir khan has announced his next fight,it will take place on april 21st in liverpool,just around 3 months left till the fight,Amir khan will be fighting Phil Lo Greco,he’s an opponent that many of us will not have heard of,but if he wins this fight it will bring him to the top.

Yesterday was the press conference for the fight, and things got heated really quickly,it was all going well until Amir khans opponent made comments about Amir’s wife,he got personal which as you can see in the video,amir was not having any of it,he immediately reacted and spilled water on his opponents face.

Many people believed it was totally wrong to bring up someones personal life when its a boxing match,he should have kept it to boxing,however it will make the fight more exciting ,amir khan said after this incident”Now i am more motivated to get to the gym and train even harder,i will beat this guy,if it goes 12 rounds i’m going to give him a beating he will remember”

comments on social media:

“I’m all for the nasty build up to fights it sells the fight but when you bring family into it to get one over on them then that over steps the mark for a boxing fight. Personally fair play to Amir if that was David Haye he would of had a bottle smacked round his head lol”

“It’s all kicked off at the press conference today for Amir Khan’s comeback fight…. His opponent was brutal bringing stuff up about his wife and Anthony Joshua!!”

“This is out off order to say thing like that about amir’s wife !!!! I hope he Knock you clean out on the fight”