Ahmed khan gets pulled over by police for doing 100mph,claims he needed a toilet


In the uk ,the maximum speed limit for motorways is 70mph,once you go over that you are breaking the speed limit, its easy to accidentally go a little bit over the speed limit,however this young man Ahmad Khan was caught by the police travelling up to 100mph on a motorway.

Police managed to get him to pull over,they asked him what was the rush ,he goes on to saying he needs to get home,because he needs a toilet,because he has a really bad stomach ache,then the police say to him you ‘ll have a even worse stomach ache,if you have a crash travelling at that speed.

The man tried to make excuses to avoid getting a fine and penalty points on his license,however that did not work.

The speed limits are there for a reason ,once you go over that speed limit,you are putting yourself and other passengers at risk,so stick to speed limits.

comments on social media:

“Huh? Standard nearly every driver on road does 95 in outside lane..”.

“Who hasn’t topped 100mph? I can beat that, just don’t get caught2″.

“On that speed if he hit something he would have got himself killed and his friend and the other What a pathetic excuse sorry to say u use that excuse when u near home and doing half that speed U get away”.

“He shud have just done it ,in the back of the police car”.

“Meanwhile people are getting killed due to idiots on the road,when will people learn,if you want to drive fast,do it on a race track”.