41 Year Old Policeman Caught Meeting a 14 Year Old Girl For Sex


Video shows the shocking moment a policeman drives 100 miles to meet an underage child,The police had driven to meet a 14-year old girl,in police uniform driving a police car,he was caught out by an online pedophile hunter,He was confronted By stinson hunter who is one of the first pedophile hunters in uk.

Darren is an I.T inspector for the police,so he had a respectable job but he obviously lost all this reputation when thousands of people saw this video of him getting confronted,as usual as all pedophiles ,he denied all accusations and claimed that he had only came to advise the girl,but however this is far from the truth,he had driven for sexual purposes.

He made it obvious by saying in his chat he is nervous and does not want to get seen ,he had explicit chats with the person he believed was the age of 14,he keeps denying all accusations even when its made evident to him what his real intentions were.

All pedophile hunters do an amazing job to get potential child rapists off our streets ,there are many out there doing this in their spare time,putting in their effort to keep our children safe,However police have sent letters out to these groups and have asked them to stop what your doing as you are interfering with on going investigations.

Should pedophile hunters carry on catching pedos and getting them put behind bars or should they put a stop to this and let the police to their job.??